Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Creed

Hello my Little Kinkster

We had been planning on writing a piece about what a sub should expect from their owner. We had lots of jumbled ideas and knew that writing it would be difficult. However as usual a Dom has come to our rescue.

Master P is a fellow blogger that we have had some contact with recently. We have his blog as a link on here under My Kinks, listed as - dominationsubmission. His blog is fantastic, so respectful and a mine of information. As he is happy for us to share his pieces, we had to show this one to you first.

We would like to thank him for it. Not only has it saved us about five hours work but it also made our heart's swell. It succinctly lists exactly what a Dom is and should strive to be.

After reading this maybe a question might of popped into your head. Maybe you thought for a moment 'Aaahh but what about a sub's obligation to their Master'. And the answer. Well it's very simple. Do all of the above and your sub will oblige, do anything you want. That is her obligation. Not just because you want them to do it but because they want to please you beyond measure.

Please comment and if you can think of any of qualities please share them. Sub's what do you think ?

Keep smiling my Little Kinkster

Love Kandi


  1. I thought the graphic summed up the D/s relationship very well to the point where it helped clear up a couple of things for me. Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow that's amazing. I am so pleased it helped you. You are more than welcome xxx