Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Art of Spanking

Hello Little Kinkster

Here at Kandi Towers we get asked all the time,

 "Kandi, what is the secret of a great spanking ?"

So we got a few of our Dom and sub friends together and over the course of a wine-fuelled evening we managed to 'thrash' out a list of their top tips for a jolly good spanking.

1- Anticipation

It's a good idea to set a specific punishment time. The anticipation will add to your sub's sexual arousal. You can heighten their arousal by telling them what's going to happen, ordering them to touch themselves or asking them to explain why they deserve a spanking. Phone calls and text messages are a great way to build up to the event. Of course, you will want to ensure that they obey your instructions, and that they know their spanking will be harder if they disobey.

2- Presentation

This can quite simply be instructing your sub to take a bath or shower, dress in a sexy manner ie. schoolgirl or nurses outfit, sexy underwearfetishwear or how about a spank skirt. This all creates a sense of building up to the moment, notching up the anticipation another level and ensuring that your sub stays in the right frame of mind.

3- Ritual

This could be ordering them to assume a position ie. kneeling or bending over and touching their toes. All the time still talking to them, telling them what you are about to do and why. Maybe telling them it's "for their own good," or "how bad and naughty" they have been.

4- Inspection

When your sub presents themself to you make sure you take your time to walk around them and inspect them closely. Tell them what you like and instruct them to put on a display for you, touch them sexually, talk dirty to them the whole time and whisper in their ear.

5- Preparation

Once your sub is in the position you want ie. over your knee, over a piece of furniture or restrained, run your hand over their bottom squeezing its firmness and fullness. You can check how ready they are by running your hand between their thighs to see how wet/hard they are. Explain how their bottom is going to look, glowing red with handprints. At this point they might already be begging if not encourage them to do so.

6- Building Up

You may want to start your spanking over clothes or panties, removing them after a few warm-up whacks. Start gently and after every couple or so spanks rub their bottom firmly, tickling and stroking the backs of their thighs and of course slipping your hand in between their legs to play with them. It's a very important part of the conditioning as this helps to make the association in the sub's mind between pleasure and pain. When you feel the moment is right you can gradually increase the intensity. It can be a fun idea to get your sub to count out each spank or thank you after each one. Tell them how much you are enjoying it and ask them how they feel.

7. Technique

For a spank that will make a good smacking sound, won't cause too much pain and will leave the skin slightly red, gently cup your hand. For a sub that can take more pain you can use a flat palm with your fingers spread.
Use your sub as a guide. You will be able to tell from their reactions what technique is best for them. Slow and hard, or fast and stinging, or both with an irregular rhythm thrown in. Not knowing when the next strike will fall adds to the excitement. Take your time and if you are both enjoying it then you are doing it right.

If you follow all the steps above and with practice it is possible to make your sub cum just through spanking.

It should always be fun and can be a very important part of your foreplay routine.

As with many things in life, communication throughout is very important.

Good luck and happy spanking.

What other advice would you like from the Kinky Kandi team ?

Keep It Kinky

Love Kandi

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Toy

Hello My Little Kinkster

It's story time again. Enjoy.....

When she turns it on she first likes to run it over her nipples. The vibrations make them swell and stand to attention. She sucks her breath in and lets it escape from her lips as a long hissing sound. The tingling in her stiff nipples moves down her body, her pussy flutters and she starts to feel the trickling sensation of her pussy lips moistening.

She traces the tip of the toy slowly down her stomach and giggles softly savouring the sensation. Her body shivers in anticipation as she lightly arches her back. She teasingly runs the tip along the crease where the tops of her thighs meet her body and moans softly as her pussy twitches.

She can feel the slickness between her lips bubbling and as she lifts and bends her legs at the knees and spreads them wide her lips part making a sound like a wet kiss. She pushes her hips up to try and meet the toy. Sometimes she can spend hours teasing herself but today is not one of those days. She turns the toy up another notch and as she glides it over her pussy mound she becomes aware that she is making a mewing sound.

The toy easily slides up and down her wet slit and she can feel her clit swelling as she nestles the head against it. As she pushes it hard, her puffy lips envelop it. She groans, arches her back further and as her pussy clenches she lets out a long low lusty moan as it hits her clit straight on.

She starts to grind and buck her hips against it, building a rhythm allowing the waves of pleasure to roll through her.  She can feel her stomach tightening and her thighs beginning to tremble. She is so wet she can smell her heady scent and the toy keeps slipping around.

As her swollen clit throbs uncontrollably and her pussy pulses, she starts to feel her orgasm building and she thinks of how dirty and naughty she must look. This tips her over the edge and she screams out,


Her climax rips through her explosively. Her pussy flutters so deliciously that she feels like she is going to faint with pleasure. Her flooded pussy is twitching with aftershocks and she gently rolls her hips after each one.

Smiling to herself and revelling in her naughtiness she lifts the toy to her mouth, sniffs and takes a long wet lick before sucking her juices off of it. She collapses back on to the bed in a crumpled heap just as she hears his key in the door.

"Hello Sir, look what I've prepared for you."

Which toy do you imagine she was using ?

Choice No, 1

Choice No. 2

Choice No. 3

Keep smiling and above all else Keep it Kinky

Love Kandi

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Do You Have An Inclination For BDSM ?

Hello Little Kinksters

I hope we find you in a happy horny mood. And if not I am sure our blog will help you along the way.

We came across this BDSM Quiz on our internet travels and have shared it with our Little Kinksters on Twitter.  The feedback we have received has been great. Everyone we have shared it with has said that it gives you a very accurate reading of your kink factor.

How kinky are you ? Answer the questions honestly and you may well learn something new about yourself.  Keep a note of your score and share them on here or if you are really brave share them with prospective partners and cut down on all that getting to know you crap.

High score for degradation ? You will love this All the fun of the fair

High score for sadism. You will love this Three wheels are better than one

High score for bondage ? You will love these Going nowhere

High score for masochism ? You will love these Correction Corner

High score for switching ? You will love these Pegged Out

High score for submissiveness ? You will love this Lock Down

Let see who's got the K Factor !

Keep it Kinky

Love KK

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kandi Pic's 2

Hello my Little Kinkster

I hope we find you good spirits. If not, don't worry I'm sure we can cheer you up.

Some more lovely pic's for you today. They perhaps demonstrate how our products can be used for best effect.

Well without wanting to point out the glaringly obvious this pic is so beautiful. The light streaming in from the right hand side.  The pretty and delicate underwear and stockings. Oh and of course that oh so delicious peachy ass. Come take a peek at our underwear You know you want to

A pretty spring flower, just been plucked ! We love the naughtiness and the humour that can be found in this little gem. Not everyone has a garden to pick flowers from but Kandi can supply the rope. And the corner, well that one's up to you.

This fantastic pic conveys a sense of power and control.  The black rope and the rubber combined is a strong sexy image. Who else when they smell it and hear the squeak of rubber can't help but feel naughty nasty. Female Rubber Kinksters Male Rubber Kinksters

This pic is so sexy and hot. Glass dildo's create a completely different sensation to other dildos. The reason why they are so popular is that you can heat them up in the microwave or cool down in the freezer causing two completely different experiences and pleasures. I wonder which one she did ? Maybe both.....greedy girl. Which one will you choose ?

Keep smiling and for heavens sake please Keep It Kinky

Love Kandi.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Creed

Hello my Little Kinkster

We had been planning on writing a piece about what a sub should expect from their owner. We had lots of jumbled ideas and knew that writing it would be difficult. However as usual a Dom has come to our rescue.

Master P is a fellow blogger that we have had some contact with recently. We have his blog as a link on here under My Kinks, listed as - dominationsubmission. His blog is fantastic, so respectful and a mine of information. As he is happy for us to share his pieces, we had to show this one to you first.

We would like to thank him for it. Not only has it saved us about five hours work but it also made our heart's swell. It succinctly lists exactly what a Dom is and should strive to be.

After reading this maybe a question might of popped into your head. Maybe you thought for a moment 'Aaahh but what about a sub's obligation to their Master'. And the answer. Well it's very simple. Do all of the above and your sub will oblige, do anything you want. That is her obligation. Not just because you want them to do it but because they want to please you beyond measure.

Please comment and if you can think of any of qualities please share them. Sub's what do you think ?

Keep smiling my Little Kinkster

Love Kandi

Links and Contributions

Hello my Little Kinkster

Just wanted to let you know, that if you know someone who writes a blog or you write one yourself and you enjoy mine, we are happy to share links with you. All requests with need to be authorised so if you are interested please contact us at KinkyKandi.

Likewise we are open to contributions. It would be great to get admissions from the whole spectrum of the BDSM world. Female and male subs, Domme's and Dom's.  Kandi is throwing down a challenge if you like.  Let's see what we can all come up with together.
A literary orgy !

If your request for a link is authorised it will appear on the front page under My Kinks.

Keep smiling and Keep It Kinky



Friday, 3 May 2013


Hey my Little Kinkster

We saw this today and it got us thinking.

What's your favourite type of gag ?

Click on the poll at the top of page one, on the left hand side and choose your favourite and leave a comment.

Us ? We love them all

Kinky kisses


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nipple Clamps

Hello my Little Kinkster

As far as inventions go yeah the telephone was pretty good, the light bulb quite amazing and chocolate well say no more. But I'm afraid for us, nipple clamps win every time.

Nipple Clamps

What do you think ?

Leave a comment and tell us what your favourite sex related product is.

Keep It Kinky

The Restaurant

Hello my Little Kinkster

Take a seat, relax, kick back we have a little story for you........

She is dressed in a tight fitting black wraparound dress and black sparkly platform heels. Her dark hair pulled up into a high, tight ponytail. The silver earrings dangling from her lobes casting flickering tiny shards of light against her skin.  He is dressed in a dark suit, crisp white shirt and a citrus yellow tie. Oozing charisma and confidence.

Anyone looking at them passing , as the waiter showed them to their secluded table in the corner, would have remarked on what a fine looking couple they were and what a gentleman he was. He was holding her hand with one of his and his other was pressed gently against the small of her back. Guiding her.

If they had looked more closely they may have noticed her sun kissed skin was glittering as if oiled or that as she walked her legs were slightly shaking. She isn't wearing a bra so maybe they should of noticed the gentle bounce of her breasts and her nipples pushing against the material of her dress. They should of definitely seen her eyes - her lids flickering in panic and lust.

If they had noticed, would they have guessed that only twenty minutes before she had been laying spreadeagled on a bed, restraints holding each of her wrists and ankles wide, oh so wide apart.  He had massaged oil into her skin, teasing her from head to toe. Tickling his fingers under her breasts, palms flat rubbing her nipples in a circular motion before pulling and pinching them.  His fingers dancing and sliding down to her pussy. Skin shimmering. She groans as he slides the length of his finger down her wet, oiled slit.  Letting it rest there and then pushing gently so that her lips envelope the width of it. She starts to rock her hips sluttily and he laughs at her indulgently. Sliding his finger up he tickles her clit with the tip of his fingers. As he watches it grow pinker and start to puff up he reaches over for the remote controlled egg, spits on it and slides it into her. She growls as she feels him pinch her clit as her pussy swallows up the toy.

He gets up and walks away from her flicking the switch on the remote as he does. Moaning and writhing, hissing and gasping he watches her. He chuckles and starts to whistle as he gets ready. He showers, shaves, a dash of aftershave, a comb of his hair, slowly getting dressed. Walking in and out of the bedroom. All the while flicking the switch on the remote on and off. Sometimes leaving it on for just twenty seconds other times minutes.

She is so well trained he doesn't even need to say it anymore. She wants and knows that she will not cum until he says its time. She wants him to push her to the very edge, she wants to show him how strong she is. She wants to make him proud of her. So with her eyes half closed in lust and her wet twitchy pussy fluttering against the egg she clenches her hands and points her toes. She so desperately wants to push her hips up and grind but she concentrates hard on keeping control. Trying not to move too much as she know this will push her over the edge.

When he was ready he untied her, handed her the dress. "No underwear Pet. You will be wearing just the egg and your dress".  Driving in the car, he toyed with her over and over. The switch on that remote used again and again.  As they walked passed the other diners she felt her pussy starting to dribble. The slow tickle of her juices seeping out made her want to stand still, lift her dress, spread her legs wide and be the dirty show off she loved being.

Just before they got to the table he hands her some money and tells her to go to the bar. As she walks away she hears the waiter offering to get their drinks but their voices turn to mumbles as she reaches the bar. She turns and instantly feels that delicious raw hot feeling of shame and humiliation as she sees him showing the waiter the remote. She gasps as he hands it to the waiter and as she hears the barman asking her what drinks she would like the waiter flicks the switch.

She enjoyed every last moment, ordering those drinks.  Handing the remote back, the waiter had eagerly walked back to help the barman. Seeing him whisper in his ear. The delicious feeling of shame making her nipples hard and puffy, aching. Sending that falling feeling through her stomach and slamming into her wet cunt. The vibration of the egg bringing her so close to the edge she wanted to squeal. She could of sworn that they could smell her.  Walking back to the table with the drinks, she felt the egg go off and her heart swell with joy as she saw him smile at her. One of his special smiles. His proudest smile.

She sat next to him in the plush booth and as he whispered in her ear, she drank her cocktail. He took her chin in his hand and turned her face towards him. He kissed her long and hard. She sucked on his tongue looked him in the eyes and asked in a hushed tone "Please ?"  He smiled and whispered in her ear " Such a good girl. Listen carefully Pet. I am going to turn this egg on one last time whilst I kiss you again. I want you to cum long and hard but you do it quietly and you do it into my mouth. Groan into my mouth Pet. Let me take every last breath".

As so she did. She gave herself to him right there. Those naughty waiters with their stiff cocks watching the whole time. They left soon after. They didn't even finish their drinks. They didn't stop for food - tonight they would be feasting on each other.

And the waiters ? Well I am sure they spent some time trying to get that wet spot out of the material.

Check out the egg!

True story or a little present from us to you ?  YOU DECIDE........

Keep It Kinky

Love Kandi

Kandi Pic's

Hello my Little Kinkster

We thought we would share some pic's and describe what we like about them. I am sure you will have your own ideas <wink>

We love this pic so much we would go as far as to say it's one of our favourites and believe me here at Kinky Kandi we have lots.

The feel of his cuff on her skin, the hair pulling (you cant beat it), her nails and the cigarette she is holding, the honeycombe pattern on her panties. I suppose overall what we love is the sense of ownership the picture conveys. His hand on what he owns. And after all who can resist a good pussy rub

We love the way she is looking into the camera and you just know she is smiling around that Ball Gag. That feeling of your arms slowly becoming restrained, your nipples becoming hard as you struggle against the incapacitation Bondage Tape, the shudder you feel through your whole body as you arch your back. Quite delicious.

A wonderfully artistic shot and it conveys a wonderful idea. Bondage Rope , Blindfold and a fuckbed. Kept in the lounge as a day bed. "Get on the fuckbed, Pet", "Assume the position on the fuckbed, dirty girl", "You can stay there until I next need you". And just think, whilst your visitors are sitting on it, sipping their cups of tea, they wouldn't have a clue about what happens on it. Mmmmm those filthy dirty secrets you both share with each other.

Keep smiling and above all else

Keep it Kinky

Sub's Song

Hey Little Kinkster

How ya doing ? Fine and dandy we hope.

Just a little post.

We love this song. The lyrics describe any relationship but it brings to mind how subs view the one that controls them.

Calling all subs  - sing this to you're Dom/Domme, they will be putty in your hands

Although to make it more appropriate she should sing "The way that you hold me, whenever you SCOLD me" ha ha. We also love the lyrics at 1min 53 seconds. But hey who wouldn't.

Keep it Kinky

Love Kandi


Well hello to my readers! I have decided that its time I started to share my thoughts and ideas with the world rather than keep them trapped inside me! I will hopefully update this blog on a regular basis with some fun ideas and thoughts on a range of subjects but most will be sexually based. As such, this is set as an adult content site so any babes should now head away from the site if you are not yet old enough to read the content!

I have taken the plunge and launched my online sex shop. I have always wanted to own my own business but didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to do. Having always worked in sales within the corporate world, I knew it had to been in retail or marketing. An amazing friend and mentor handed me the opportunity to own a business without incurring too many start up costs. I jumped at the opportunity.

I have been interested and participated in bdsm since I was 17 which seems very young when I look back now. So this blog will be three fold. Firstly to talk about the products we sell at and review them, to share pictures and my thoughts on bdsm some silly and funny, some serious. Thirdly I will be writing some short sexy stories. Some of them maybe based on my real life experiences and others may just be fantasies or ideas.  You wont know which ones are which but I am sure you will have hours of fun trying to work them out.

I want this blog to be a place where people can join in the fun. Feel free to add your comments to the blog. Maybe you have a funny sex related story, perhaps you have never practised bdsm and have questions or you do live the 'lifestyle' and you can share information and answer other subscribers questions. Lets get some great conversations going. If you enjoy my blog please subscribe and recommend it to your circles. Please be respectful when talking with other subscribers. Please speak to people as you wish to be spoken to and remember no question is stupid.

You can also follow us on Twitter - kinky_kandi1. Its a great way to meet like minded folk. You will be able to like us on Facebook as well - details to follow

As you can see, at the top of the page there are links to the shop. Have a browse. I am happy to answer any genuine questions about products and when you are ready to order let me know as I may be able to offer you a discount.

A very warm welcome to you.

Lets have some fun !

Keep it Kinky