Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Kandi Pic's

Hello my Little Kinkster

We thought we would share some pic's and describe what we like about them. I am sure you will have your own ideas <wink>

We love this pic so much we would go as far as to say it's one of our favourites and believe me here at Kinky Kandi we have lots.

The feel of his cuff on her skin, the hair pulling (you cant beat it), her nails and the cigarette she is holding, the honeycombe pattern on her panties. I suppose overall what we love is the sense of ownership the picture conveys. His hand on what he owns. And after all who can resist a good pussy rub

We love the way she is looking into the camera and you just know she is smiling around that Ball Gag. That feeling of your arms slowly becoming restrained, your nipples becoming hard as you struggle against the incapacitation Bondage Tape, the shudder you feel through your whole body as you arch your back. Quite delicious.

A wonderfully artistic shot and it conveys a wonderful idea. Bondage Rope , Blindfold and a fuckbed. Kept in the lounge as a day bed. "Get on the fuckbed, Pet", "Assume the position on the fuckbed, dirty girl", "You can stay there until I next need you". And just think, whilst your visitors are sitting on it, sipping their cups of tea, they wouldn't have a clue about what happens on it. Mmmmm those filthy dirty secrets you both share with each other.

Keep smiling and above all else

Keep it Kinky

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