Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kandi Pic's 2

Hello my Little Kinkster

I hope we find you good spirits. If not, don't worry I'm sure we can cheer you up.

Some more lovely pic's for you today. They perhaps demonstrate how our products can be used for best effect.

Well without wanting to point out the glaringly obvious this pic is so beautiful. The light streaming in from the right hand side.  The pretty and delicate underwear and stockings. Oh and of course that oh so delicious peachy ass. Come take a peek at our underwear You know you want to

A pretty spring flower, just been plucked ! We love the naughtiness and the humour that can be found in this little gem. Not everyone has a garden to pick flowers from but Kandi can supply the rope. And the corner, well that one's up to you.

This fantastic pic conveys a sense of power and control.  The black rope and the rubber combined is a strong sexy image. Who else when they smell it and hear the squeak of rubber can't help but feel naughty nasty. Female Rubber Kinksters Male Rubber Kinksters

This pic is so sexy and hot. Glass dildo's create a completely different sensation to other dildos. The reason why they are so popular is that you can heat them up in the microwave or cool down in the freezer causing two completely different experiences and pleasures. I wonder which one she did ? Maybe both.....greedy girl. Which one will you choose ?

Keep smiling and for heavens sake please Keep It Kinky

Love Kandi.

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