Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Toy

Hello My Little Kinkster

It's story time again. Enjoy.....

When she turns it on she first likes to run it over her nipples. The vibrations make them swell and stand to attention. She sucks her breath in and lets it escape from her lips as a long hissing sound. The tingling in her stiff nipples moves down her body, her pussy flutters and she starts to feel the trickling sensation of her pussy lips moistening.

She traces the tip of the toy slowly down her stomach and giggles softly savouring the sensation. Her body shivers in anticipation as she lightly arches her back. She teasingly runs the tip along the crease where the tops of her thighs meet her body and moans softly as her pussy twitches.

She can feel the slickness between her lips bubbling and as she lifts and bends her legs at the knees and spreads them wide her lips part making a sound like a wet kiss. She pushes her hips up to try and meet the toy. Sometimes she can spend hours teasing herself but today is not one of those days. She turns the toy up another notch and as she glides it over her pussy mound she becomes aware that she is making a mewing sound.

The toy easily slides up and down her wet slit and she can feel her clit swelling as she nestles the head against it. As she pushes it hard, her puffy lips envelop it. She groans, arches her back further and as her pussy clenches she lets out a long low lusty moan as it hits her clit straight on.

She starts to grind and buck her hips against it, building a rhythm allowing the waves of pleasure to roll through her.  She can feel her stomach tightening and her thighs beginning to tremble. She is so wet she can smell her heady scent and the toy keeps slipping around.

As her swollen clit throbs uncontrollably and her pussy pulses, she starts to feel her orgasm building and she thinks of how dirty and naughty she must look. This tips her over the edge and she screams out,


Her climax rips through her explosively. Her pussy flutters so deliciously that she feels like she is going to faint with pleasure. Her flooded pussy is twitching with aftershocks and she gently rolls her hips after each one.

Smiling to herself and revelling in her naughtiness she lifts the toy to her mouth, sniffs and takes a long wet lick before sucking her juices off of it. She collapses back on to the bed in a crumpled heap just as she hears his key in the door.

"Hello Sir, look what I've prepared for you."

Which toy do you imagine she was using ?

Choice No, 1

Choice No. 2

Choice No. 3

Keep smiling and above all else Keep it Kinky

Love Kandi

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  1. This is very hot! Personally, I love watching women getting themselves off. Love a slutty show from a partner and making it a part of our foreplay.

    I'd love to see more articles like this from you.