Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Art of Spanking

Hello Little Kinkster

Here at Kandi Towers we get asked all the time,

 "Kandi, what is the secret of a great spanking ?"

So we got a few of our Dom and sub friends together and over the course of a wine-fuelled evening we managed to 'thrash' out a list of their top tips for a jolly good spanking.

1- Anticipation

It's a good idea to set a specific punishment time. The anticipation will add to your sub's sexual arousal. You can heighten their arousal by telling them what's going to happen, ordering them to touch themselves or asking them to explain why they deserve a spanking. Phone calls and text messages are a great way to build up to the event. Of course, you will want to ensure that they obey your instructions, and that they know their spanking will be harder if they disobey.

2- Presentation

This can quite simply be instructing your sub to take a bath or shower, dress in a sexy manner ie. schoolgirl or nurses outfit, sexy underwearfetishwear or how about a spank skirt. This all creates a sense of building up to the moment, notching up the anticipation another level and ensuring that your sub stays in the right frame of mind.

3- Ritual

This could be ordering them to assume a position ie. kneeling or bending over and touching their toes. All the time still talking to them, telling them what you are about to do and why. Maybe telling them it's "for their own good," or "how bad and naughty" they have been.

4- Inspection

When your sub presents themself to you make sure you take your time to walk around them and inspect them closely. Tell them what you like and instruct them to put on a display for you, touch them sexually, talk dirty to them the whole time and whisper in their ear.

5- Preparation

Once your sub is in the position you want ie. over your knee, over a piece of furniture or restrained, run your hand over their bottom squeezing its firmness and fullness. You can check how ready they are by running your hand between their thighs to see how wet/hard they are. Explain how their bottom is going to look, glowing red with handprints. At this point they might already be begging if not encourage them to do so.

6- Building Up

You may want to start your spanking over clothes or panties, removing them after a few warm-up whacks. Start gently and after every couple or so spanks rub their bottom firmly, tickling and stroking the backs of their thighs and of course slipping your hand in between their legs to play with them. It's a very important part of the conditioning as this helps to make the association in the sub's mind between pleasure and pain. When you feel the moment is right you can gradually increase the intensity. It can be a fun idea to get your sub to count out each spank or thank you after each one. Tell them how much you are enjoying it and ask them how they feel.

7. Technique

For a spank that will make a good smacking sound, won't cause too much pain and will leave the skin slightly red, gently cup your hand. For a sub that can take more pain you can use a flat palm with your fingers spread.
Use your sub as a guide. You will be able to tell from their reactions what technique is best for them. Slow and hard, or fast and stinging, or both with an irregular rhythm thrown in. Not knowing when the next strike will fall adds to the excitement. Take your time and if you are both enjoying it then you are doing it right.

If you follow all the steps above and with practice it is possible to make your sub cum just through spanking.

It should always be fun and can be a very important part of your foreplay routine.

As with many things in life, communication throughout is very important.

Good luck and happy spanking.

What other advice would you like from the Kinky Kandi team ?

Keep It Kinky

Love Kandi

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  1. Loved this piece! Great breakdown and like the step-by-step breakdown.

    The only things I might have added to the above, and this is not in any way a criticism, would have been; spanking is kink's equivalent to foreplay! It certainly is for me! Secondly, sub-drop aftercare; just as important as the build-up of anticipation and generally what happens before, is what happens afterwards!

    Build up to it, do it right, then handle the aftermath sensitively.

    Loving the blog!

    Keep up the kinky work!